"Investors with a traditional strategy, they deserve to be legends. but legends fade, and their value is then mostly in the stories about them, lessons to future generations on what to do, what not to do. But we're not interested in becoming a story just yet. so we change with times. investors like us, who are also business operators, are always on the cutting edge, shifting to machine learning and impact investing, not just for profit and for the profitability of mankind."

Elon Huang

Who We Are

Founded in Singapore in 2017 and obtained Capital Market Services License [LFMC] issued by Singapore MAS in 2020

Industry Innovation

At the beginning of its establishment, MainNet Capital has fully leveraged cutting-edge technology ACD (artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data) in order to provide clients with exquisit choice of global financial products, asset allocation and portfolio management services.

Comprehensive Financial Services

MainNet has formed multiple line of business including wealth management; asset management; global open platform; Internet finance, providing high-net-worth customers with all-rounded financial services


Global Vision

MainNet Capital has been empowered by technological innovation, we provide a full range of services with a global vision. Bringing risk hedging and portfolio management to a new stage.



Through External Asset Management (EAM), we provide customers with direct and fair advice and recommendations.



Relying on the in-depth knowledge of the current cutting-edge technology, we capture the leading investment opportunities in the current era.