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Wealth Management
At Mainnet Capital, we are independent, fair , and pragmatic. We construct premium and tailored products for Mid to High-net-worth clients around the world, assisting them in asset allocation decisions.
Fund Managerment
Manage a diversified fund portfolio is our main strength. Each product had undergone rigorous evaluation processes. We are also actively involved in PE/VC as well as secondary market, bringing investment opportunities to clients while managing downside ri
Our Philosophy
“A visionary moves steadily, and travels far” Here at Mainnet Capital, we rely on our strong foundation to provide our clients with a full range of global asset allocation services. We believe in empowering capital with technology, changing the world with
Asset allocation
Provide a full range of customized asset management services for high-net-worth clients across the world. Create unique services with the most experienced team and premium products.
Partnerships with world’s top financial institutions to launch customized services. Everything is oriented in the best interests of our clients and we aim to provide the optimized solutions.
In-depth analysis of various industries, analysis of potential investment risks, such as stocks, bonds, FX, gold, futures and more.
By embracing cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cloud computing (ABCD), we construct the most competitive and optimized products in order to best meet customer needs.
Our Mission
Broadening our horizon with professionalism and achieve our dreams with vision. We want to provide a fulfilling life with wisdom and wealth to all our clients. Mainnet Capital takes our clients’ interests as the ultimate purpose.
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