Next-Gen Capital Management

You see opportunities, we see the future.


Wealth Management

Independant, fairness, pragmatic are golden standard of MainNet Capital. We search for premium and tailor-made products to mid / high-net-worth clients around the world, assisting them in allocation decisions.


Asset Management

The establishment of a diversified portfolio is our main strategy. Each product has undergone rigorus evaluation process. MainNet Capital is also actively invovled in PE/VC as well as secondary market, bringing huge investment opportunities to clients


Singapore VCC

Variable Capital Companies (VCC) was launched as a new legal entity in Singapore for all types of investment funds in 2020. It is the Game-Changer to the industry landscape. MainNet Capital provides one-stop solution to setup VCC for global investors.

Our Philosophy

"Visionary moves steady but travels far" is what MainNet has belived in. Relying on strong foundation, MainNet Capital provides clients with a full range of global asset allocation services. Empower capital with technology, change the world with dreams!

Asset Allocation

Provide full range of customized asset management services for high-net-worth clients across the world. Create unique tailor-made leveraging most experienced team and optimized products.


Partnership with the world's top financial institutions in launching customized services. Everything is oriented in the best interests of customers, and provide the most optimized solutions.


In-depth analysis into varies industries, analyze of potential investment risks such as stock, bond, FX, gold, futures, Southeast Asia infrastructure development projects..


Embracing cutting-edge technology: artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and cloud computing (ABCD) and construct most competitive, optimized products to best meet customer needs.

Our Mission

Warm life with wisdom and wealth, serve future with a mission. MainNet takes clients interest as the ultimate purpose. We offer optimal portfolio for customers. Broaden our horizon with profession and acheive our dreams with vision. "Man is the measure of all things"-Protagoras

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