Asset management

Discretionary Execution

Key services tailored for ultra-high net worth family customers. The goal is to help families achieve wealth inherit and reduce risk through asset allocation and active management (including systemic and non-systematic) risks.

Investment Advisory

Professional investment advisory team provides real-time market analysis reports in response to change in the market and recommends suitable asset allocation combination according to the customer's risk tolerance

Private Equity Investment

Guided by asset allocation theory, focusing on new fund investment, PE secondary market investment. Maintain a good relationship with high-quality GPs on the market.

Secondary Market Investment

Manage hedge funds and provide investment advisory services. The scope of investment includes active management Fund of Fund (FOF), quantitative investment fund, customized private equity multiple of money (MOM), fixed income investment management etc

Alternative Investment

Mainnet Capital provides intermediary businesses such as direct investment, merger and acquisition financing, and financial advisory in equity asset M&A and investment. Its investment and financing business forms include convertible bonds, equity investment with sale options, structured securities investment trusts, umbrella structured securities investment trusts, structured directional additional issuance and other mature leveraged investment businesses; and finds investment opportunities in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia. In-depth analysis of high-tech projects such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence.