Variable Capital Companies Fund

VCC fund is main line of business for Mainnet Capital in order to establish a global alternative investment network & build out flagship products.

Mainnet Capital has launched VCC fund which covers products including FX, options, stocks, gold and will be launching new series that covers commodities such as fine wine, diamonds etc

Feynman VCC


MountView Managed Future Sub Fund

The market trend strategy that combines multi-factor and machine learning. Powered by world-class market data, trade, research, backtesting and risk control system. Analyzes financial and economic behavior in order to build out portfolio. The greater the market volatility, the better the strategy performs.


Risk Premia Option Strategy

Focus on the volatility of options and leverage the regression of volatility to build an option portfolio to go long or short, which provides relatively stable return.

Adopting multiple strategies to cover different markets, seize multiple opportunities and construct a variety of option, arbitrage strategies to seek absolute returns. Unique model with rigorous risk control process.


Marco Hedging Strategy

The basic principles of macro are used to identify the imbalance and mismatch of financial asset prices. Macroeconomic fluctuations are cyclical. A complete economic cycle often takes several years and the cycle is continuous. The continuity of the macroeconomic cycle brings the continuity of financial asset price fluctuations, and the prices of stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, etc. shows a trendy movement along with the changes of the economic cycle.